Exempt Staff Issues No. 2017-02 New PSEC Secretariat Compensation Reporting System and Updates to Annual Executive Disclosure Reporting

April 26, 2017 More

@issue No. 2017-09 General Updates

April 21, 2017 More

@issue No. 2017-08 Calculating Grade 3/4 Split Class Size Maximums

March 17, 2017 More

@issue No. 2017-07 BCPSEA Board Approves Memorandum of Agreement Arising from Supreme Court of Canada Decision

March 10, 2017 More

HR Learning Series

January 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017 More

The HR Learning series will challenge you, inform you, and provide you with the knowledge, skills and hands-on training to manage, motivate and lead a diverse workforce.

BCPSEA is pleased to have concluded negotiated collective agreements with the BC Teachers' Federation and with unions representing support staff in the K-12 public education sector.  These agreements, in place for the period 2014-2019, ensure stability in the sector and contribute to ongoing dialogue, which will enable all parties to work together productively to deal with issues related to terms and conditions of employment.