Support Staff Issues 


Sep 18

No. 2013-04

Bargaining Update: Framework Agreement Reached

Sep 16

No. 2013-03

Bargaining Update: Frequently Asked Questions


Nov 23

No. 2012-10
Update on Framework Discussions

Jun 18

No. 2012-09

CUPE Provides Notice to Commence Bargaining

May 23

No 2012-08

Final Ratifications Under Provincial Framework Agreement

Apr 16

No. 2012-07

More Support Staff Collective Agreements Ratified Under Provincial Framework Agreement

Mar 25

No. 2012-06

BCPSEA Board Ratifies Nine More Support Staff Collective Agreements

Mar 09

No. 2012-05

Support Staff Collective Agreement Ratifications

Mar 01

No. 2012-04

More support staff collective agreement ratifications

Feb 24

No. 2012-03

BCPSEA Board Ratifies Additional Support Staff Collective Agreements

Feb 16

No. 2012-02

BCPSEA Board Ratifies Support Staff Collective Agreements

Jan 13

No. 2012-01

Memorandum of Agreement Template and Ratification 

Attachment: Memorandum of Agreement Template


Dec 15

No. 2011-07

Framework Agreement Reached With K-12 Public Education Support Staff Unions

Nov 18

No. 2011-06

Update on Support Staff Provincial Discussions

Nov 16

No. 2011-05

Labour Market Adjustment (LMA) Continuation

Aug 25

No. 2011-04

Further Dates Set to Continue Provincial Discussions

Jul 19

No. 2011-03
Another update on provincial discussions with CUPE.

Jun 13

No 2011-02
Update on Provincial Discussions with CUPE. 
Attachment: Agreement on Provincial Discussions.

May 31


Provincial Discussions between BCPSEA and CUPE. 
Attachment: CUPE letter March 29, 2011 


May 08

No. 2008-02
A Discussion of Mandatory Retirement for School Bus Drivers

Apr 28

No. 2008-01
CUPE Survey — Education Assistants and Hours of Work


Sep 26

No. 2006-01

Implementation of Support Staff Settlements
Wage Adjustments
Trades Adjustments and Funding
Collective Agreement Structure — FLoU
Collective Agreement Language — PEBT/LTD Benefits